Saturday, January 01, 2005


Well, The Internet is officially screwed. The Mudslinger has arrived in the Blogosphere.

To put this in perspective, I must first offer some details. The first of the year is a nice round day to begin this.

As for me, the Mudslinger, it is a play on my real last name, which when translated from the original German ancestry, means "Lake Basin," or more simply, mud. So yes, my name is mud, and I wear that badge with pride, as it is my lineage and my heritage.

I also tend to be an equal-opportunity offender, slinging the mud everywhere.

My own personal interests in this world are spirituality of most varieties, classical liberal thought, my family's well-being, and greyhounds. Side interests are showing just how mental and un-fun fundamentalists are, destroying neoliberals and neconservatives, and professional wrestling. You will see those here, among other things.

You could also say I have a obsesison with removing government from as much as my life as possible, simply because 90% of it simply isn't necessary and most of it is designed to screw us.

Now, seeing as this is my blog, I will honor my libertarian beliefs and try to not censor anything posted here, save for needless spam, which I despise. That also means I will try to refrain AMAP from cursing and I encourage others to do likewise. Most if the time we can all get our message across without it, and seeking alternatives to cuss words indicates a better-educated mind. I simply ask for that courtesy.

I'd also prefer to not have any sex/porn talk on here. 1 strike rule on that one. That isn't the point here.

Also, please refrain from ad homenin attacks on anyone. I expect exchanges to be tense, as views can differ, but any time someone attacks the person instead of their position then it goes downhill, contributes nothing to any exchange. Please don't take things personally. After all, we're not getting out of life alive anyway. 3 strikes rule in effect on this.

Also, please check your spelling, punctuation, and grammar, as errors in those can be quite problematic and lose the message.

One other rule here: in order to protect my and everyone else's privacy, please use other than your own name.

Other than that, almost anything goes.

Now I don't have any clue how other blogs operate, and frankly, I don't care. This one is marching to the beat of its own kazoo, so to quote the late great Kramden, "AWAAAY WE GO!"

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