Saturday, August 12, 2006

Random thoughts for a while...

* Rep. Jane Harmon, a whacko Democrat from the South Bay (Rendondo Beach for all the non-locals) had a case of Stopped-Clock Syndrome when she accurately coined the Iraq occupation as "whack-a-mole". For those of you who don't know what that refers to, a Whack-A-Mole game is one of those you find in the arcade with the mallet you use to beat down the heads of the creatures that pop up at random.

* The latest neoconfascist talking point is to label calls to get out of Iraq "accepting defeat at the hands of the terrorists". Bull. You defeat terrorists by removing their motivation to fight. In the case of Iraq that is simply being there in the first place. I guess you could call their position to be "accepting death at the hands of the terrorists". Given the choice of having the neocons lose their "macho" by leaving of us losing lives by not leaving, I can only say, so long, ego, we didn't need ya anyway.

* If you drink a snow cone through a straw (or similar icy drink), don't insert the straw to the bottom of the cup because you cut off the ice suction up the straw.

* Could we outfit Iowa hogs with guidance packages and drop them on the terrorists? And then can we strap on the PETA idiots who complain about it as well?

* My own opinion is that Israel is doing a job the United States should have done 23 years ago after those Hezbollah bastards attacked our embassy and killed our Marines. Some people in D.C. may have forgotten that, but some of us haven't. They committed an act of war against us and they deserve to go down.

* OK, since they've banned liquids from carry-ons now, does that apply to the ketchup and mustard packets from the airport fast-food joints?

* The liquid ban just proves a point: with Byrl-cream, a little dab really will do ya!

* The liquid ban has a prescription medication exception. How long until we see prescription Robutussin bombs?

* If all of theses cosmetics and beverages are being taken, why not give the beverages to the local food banks and sell the rest in a kiosk outside the airport secure areas to help pay for the extra meaningless security?

* How long until the cartoons about flying naked become a reality? And if that happens where will the rare air marshal hide his gun?

* Oh, yeah, meanwhile, still only 5% of all cargo containers coming into our ports are being checked. Would somebody in DHS actually do something about that?

* And while we're at it, can we give the environmental whackos and the Bush administration both the same slap alongside the head and get the point across that if we adopt the Brazil plan and become energy independent that the Middle East becomes strategically irrelevant and the terrorist threat largely dries up?

* Can we get the IRS to let us claim domestic pets as tax dependents?

* Can we get the IRS to let us claim regular travel to and from our regular workplace as business expenses?

* Would someone please explain to me if you have two gas stations right next to another with one charging 3.05 a gallon and the other charging 3.20, why does the latter get any business at all?

* Can a bald person get a hairline fracture?

* (M)Ann (O'Rexic) Coulter is a shining example of several things: gender tests, neocon stupidity, the First Amendment, basic black dresses, and the need for strong duct tape over the mouth.

* Karl Rove is now helping Joe Lieberman in his independent race in CT to keep his old wrinkled brain-damaged behind in the Senate. If I'm GOP's Schliesinger running for that seat, I'm trying to have Rove kicked out of the GOP for campaigning for another candidate, in possible violation of GOP bylaws. If I'm Ned Lamont, I'm exploiting that for all I'm worth by calling Lieberman a DINO, sellout, and who knows what else.

* Here in CA the environmental whackos are really going off on global warming and air pollution in light of the recent heat wave. Maybe they ought to focus on more open green space, less conventional agriculture, and less concrete, asphalt, and other heat-reflective substances.

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