Monday, December 04, 2006

HOT! Why I Can't Take Barack Obama Seriously

OK, I can't keep this up any longer.

I cannot take Barack Obama seriously for President in 2008.

It's not his message. It's not his politics. It's not his relative youth.

He's bright. He's articulate. He's got looks and brains. He connects with people.

But he has a major albatross around his neck.

That albatross is named Dwayne Johnson. WWE's "The Rock". Not to diss the "Great One", but he is a liability to Obama and neither one of them know it yet!

Don't believe me? Check out this video first:

Then check out this one:

Do you smell what Barack is cooking? Are they twins or what? Even their names are similar.

The question is when the conservative blowholes will catch on to this, at which point it's game over for Barack.

It's a shame, really, becasue he has so much promise, and the baggage is one of perpetual parody the likes of which Capitol Steps or Paul Shanklin have never even dreamed about.

The Mudslinger

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The Mudslinger said...

Of course, if Barack embraced this and ran with it to generate charisma, then it might actually help him more than running from the comparisons...