Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Tax Day Musings

An Open Letter to the Commissioner of the IRS:

April 15, 2008

Dear Commissioner Thug:

As I come upon the annual ritual of filling out your ridiculous paperwork in order to "voluntarily" (yeah, sure it is!) determine how much I have overpaid in tribute to the Infernal Revenue Service, I once again come across the usual news blather about how supposed tax-avoidance and tax-protesting "scams" do nothing but get one in trouble. I look at the IRS internal web page and I find that the IRS claims all of these ideas as "frivolous" but never says *why* they are frivolous.

So this letter, from a tax-paying and ANGRY U.S. Citizen, wants answers. As the Commissioner of the Jack-Booted Thugs, you have the ultimate responsibility for your crime syndicate. As a federal emplpoyee, you also answer to me, the person who you steal your salary from. BTW, since I pay my taxes according to your system of scamming, you really can't send your Thugs after me, because unlike other tax protesters, I actually swallow my vomit and pay them, never mind that I could use that money for much better things than paying interest on the Federal Reserve's national debt flimflam job on the Treasury.

Consider this a First Amendment Petition of Redress of Grievances, aired in this forum.

So answer these questions, assuming you have the brains and guts:

1. What is the difference between income and a source it derives from? Why are those terms not defined in 26 USC? Why does it take a court to define them?
2. What is a source that income is derived from? Can you list them? Why are those terms not defined and listed in 26 USC?
3. Is labor property? If this commodity is not property, then what is it? How does the IRS justify taxing as income a property exhcange of labor for money? Does that mean that labor is worthless and the money is all income that can be taxed? How does that square up with what the Supreme Court explained in Coppage v. Kansas?
4. Explain the difference between "taxable income", "gross income", and "income", then explain why these are not defined in 26 USC.
5. Is Tax Court an Article III court? What is the basis for its jurisdiction? If it is not an Article III court, then how can it be constitutional under the 10th Amendment?
6. Can you produce the actual original notices by the states that allegedly ratified the 16th Amendment, or was Philander Knox just part of a massive fraud on the American People?
7. Does the Federal Reserve, being a private banking system, pay taxes on its interest income, and if not, why not?
8. Why does it take hours to fill out lengthy and incomprehensible tax forms, most of which don't apply to me? Why can't the forms be simpler? Why all the legal gibberish?
9. How many pages are in the Tax Code? How about the Constitution? Now explain why there is such a huge difference.
10. When will the IRS stop threatening judges in order to have them rule their way?
11. Does it make any sense for the Treasury to print notes, sell them to the Federal Reserve for production costs, and then have the Federal Reserve loan them back to the Treasury at face value plus interest? Why can't we private citizens get a deal like that?
12. If the system is "voluntary", then why can't we get out of it?
13. If I have a 5th Amendment right to not incriminate myself, then why is signing the tax form under criminal penalty of perjury?
14. Why won't you ever meet with Bon Schultz, or Joe Bannister, or Irwin Schiff, or members of Congress, in public, on national TV, or anywhere else for a recorded interview?
15. Why won't the IRS explain *why* the so-called tax-protester arguments are "frivolous"? Just saying they are without justification is a coward's cop-out.
16. How can a system where I am forced to pay into it not be considered slavery?
17. Why do the lower and middle class incomes pay more taxes as a percentage of their wages than the upper class do, or more than the corporations pay as a percentage of their revenues?
18. Why can't we make out our tax payments to the Treasury Department? If the money goes there anyway, why do we need the IRS as a middleman?
19. How are tips income and not gifts?
20. How does the IRS respond to John Jay's holdings regarding juries in Brailsford v. Georgia?
21. Why aren't pets considered dependents?
22. Why can't all the interest I pay be deductible?
23. If the Federal Reserve is part of the federal government, then please provide an accounting of to whom the national debt is owed. If they are not, see question 11 again.
24. The American Revolution was fought over a 3% tax. We're at 30%. Do you not see a problem here?
25. Why won't you ever grow a pair and answer these questions publicly?

I don't expect an answer to these. The IRS lacks the brains and guts to do this. When I got audited last time, I had to provide the records as they couldn't even find my 1040EZ (what the hell is there to audit on a 1040EZ, anyway?!?).

And BTW, I don't want to hear from sheep tax lawyers who make a living off of doing taxes and therefore have a direct conflict of interest. I want to hear from the IRS Commissioner himself. I want public accountability by those that are accountable. Besides, I'm out of e-garlic.

I also don't want to hear from tax protesters as I've already heard their arguments.

So, welcome to Tax Day 2008. Another example of how our government is completely fucked up...

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