Saturday, August 23, 2008

Dogs and cats saved in CA--AB1634 castrated!

Yesterday the infamous mandatory spay/neuter bill, AB1634, came to a vote in the California legislature.

It got castrated, 5 yes to 27 no votes.

After 18 months, 11 amendments, hundreds of pet owner groups, breed groups, the NRA, the Libertarian Party, Cat Fanciers, American Sporting Dogs Association, and even Lassie, triumphed in a resounding victory over the animal rights extremists of Bob Barker and other celebutards, as well as terrorist-supporting PETA and HSUS.

Along the way the victors had to overcome shady deals and parliamentary tricks by the bill author, and in spite of all odds and treachery by the AKC, converted 2 of the 3 sponsors first to neutral and then to opposed to the bill, most notably the CA Veterinary Medical Association, and they did it all through a relentless grassroots efforts that broke a dozen fax machines in the Capitol and literally had the bill author begging for mercy at the end--the same author why tried to ban plastic grocery bags and incandescent light bulbs, so that tells what kind of idiot he is.

The result is that spay/neuter is still voluntary in California, save some dictatorial enclaves like Los Angeles, where it is rapidly being shown to be an utter failure. Since pre-adult S/N is a health risk, countless dogs and cats will grow into adulthood properly. Personal property and privacy rights have been retained.

I'll be celebrating at the dog park today, with all three hounds in tow.

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