Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Coming back to port

Sorry, it's been a while here. You get wrapped up in the piddly-$h!t of life sometimes.

Here's a letter to the editor I sent in but the local paper lacked the body parts to publish (as usual, they can't handle common sense over at the local Bush apologist editorial board), and something to think about:

The whole thing about who runs the ports comes down to one question: who’s the home team?

The United Arab Emirates has a dubai-ous past when it comes to terrorism. They play both sides of the game, and they are not necessarily the home team.

The home team in this game is the American people, and the home team needs to run the game, not the visitors. It doesn’t matter if the visitors are Arabs, Brits, space aliens, or anybody else. It’s our ports, and our players, therefore it’s our team.

After all, (with no disrespect to fans of these teams,) the New York Yankees don’t contract out first base to the Boston Red Sox.

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