Sunday, March 26, 2006

On idiots, immigration rallies, and mailboxes

This weekend has shown once again just how many idiots there are in America, and why this nation that I love is going down the toilet.

In Los Angeles over a half-million idiots came out in a rally against COnstituinally-mandated duties of Congress to control immigration, giving the usual talking points that felonizing illegal aliens is "racist", that everyone deserves to be here, etc.

That level of bullshit outdoes all of the cattle ranches in the West.

The debate over immigration and national security has nothing to do with "racism". I put the term in quotes because *their* definition is not true racism. *Their* definition of racism is anything that just happens to target a large ethnic group such as Latinos not because the activity is directed at them, which would truly be racism, but because they would bethe most affected by the color-blind and race-blind activity. In other words, they are seeing racism where none exists. If that is the case, then the only ones who are being truly racist are these idiots. I can't call them racist idiots since that is a redudndant term and racsim is merely a flavor of idiocy, so I'll settle for calling them just plain idiots.

In a related note, on Friday I heard Ed Schultz, who is normally well-reasoned, got it all wrong on the issue, trapping himself in the idiotic argument that we can't deport all 12 million illegal aliens at once. Of course we can't and nobody is advocating the necessary house-to-house law enforcement and military sweeps (and resulting riots) to do it. Let's just say that Ed had an idiot moment. We all have them. My problem is with the people who have them 24/7 and are oblivious to them. (Critics can insert their own punch line here.)

In another related note, the argument that the Idiot-in-Chief keeps putitng out, Republican Illegal Immigration Talking Point #2, that these illegal aliens are doing jobs that citizens don't want, is misleading to the point of utter lies. Yes, they are doing jobs that citizens don't want--AT THAT PAY RATE! when you tell the rest of the story, the talking point deflates into being nothing more than a shill for business to cut labor costs while overrunning our public schools, hospitals, freeways, and tax burdens with more illegal aliens. We *might* save a few pennies form the cheaper labor at the checkout line (don't bet on it!) but we get it in the shorts at the tax line.

So how do you solve the illegal alien problem? We do it by a combination of active and passive activities, strict enforcement of the law, and the political backbone to define and keep the srgumetn deifnes in our terms and not give in to the radical racist illegal aliens activist idiots. Here's what you do:

1. Build the border fences and stop the influx. This active activity is the equivalent of stopping the bleeding and contianing the problem. This also includes better manpower on the border--even the National Guard, which would have them actually living up to their name--to send back the illegals they catch. They'll even nab a terrorist or two, and along the way provide a new interdiction point on the failed Drug War that actually might do something.
2. When illegals get caught, deport them. This is first a passive activity in that law enforcement won't go looking for them, but when they are caught, they're gone, period, no exceptions, have a nice day, next time immigrate legally.
3. Dry up the market demand for the labor. This is done several ways: first, create jobs that pay well and get the unemployment rate down. People want to work, but they need to support their families as well. Second, require strict checks by employers on a person's legal-to-work status. This can be done by a simple check with the IRS. Third, make it not worht the employers' while to hire illegals. You do this by making strict enforcement by fines that make it more expensive to hire illegals than legals. If it costs employers more then the cheaper labor is the legals--flip the table over. Fourth, semi-annual audits of these employers to ensure compliance.
4. A PR campaign for legal immigration and naturalization. For this you use legal immigrants and naturalized citizens and emphsiaze how they have pride in their new nation and theat the illegals form their old countries are giving them a bad name, and they're sick of it. I've seen firsthand the joy and pride and sense of accomplishment that naturalized citizens have the day they stand up and take the oath. It's electric, intense, and outstanding, and needs tobe tapped into to produce the general feeling of what should be obvious: legal immigration is good, and illegla immigration is bad.
5. Don't stop using the term "illegal". The racsist activist idiots won't use the term, preferring instead to blanket the illegals with the legals and then try to use that to lend credence to their racist arguments. Don't let them. Illegal is illegal, period. Call a spade a spade.

I mentioned mailboxes in the title of this post. This morning I went out to pick up the morning fruit fall and bring in the Sunday newspaper and I find that some jackass idiot tagged my mailbox with gang symbols. They used permanent marker, defacing the box for no good reason. I have reported the incident to the police and will be cleaning the mess up (or replacing my mailbox) once they deal with it. And yes, I call whomever did this an idiot, and it could easily be the same idiot that has been stealing my fruit off the front tree. I really don;t understand the mental maflunctions in the brainless idiots that make them think they are entitled to trample on my private property rights and not show respect for their fellow person. I'm sure they would not like if that happened to them, so what inspires them to do it to others? It's bad enought that government does it, but now we have to deal with individual idiots as well? And since the most likely cuplrits are teenage idiots, where are their parents keeping an eye on them to keep them out of trouble? I don't get it at all, but then again, I was rasied to be repsonsible, show respect to others and their property, and always question when things make no sense.

When' the next spaceship off this rock???

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AlaskaBaby said...

Hi, I dropped in on Dizzy's recommendation :)

Really good post. I love number 5.

The p.r. campaign is a great idea as well.

Powers that be from all sides are using this issue, using the illegals to serve their own agendas. It's not good for them, it's not good for the average american. What we "save on lettuce" we lose in bigger ways in other areas.

People that truly want to show concern for illegals need to educate themselves on just how vulnerable they are to abuse in today's climate. Controls must be put in place for the benefit of all.

On the other sides of things, these "raids" concern me. What are they really about? If this country were truly concerned for security, fewer troops would have been sent to Iraq, more placed along the border and at our ports.

This whole issue stinks.