Monday, June 30, 2008

Another Victim of the LPHQ Tyranny?

Well, it appears (at the moment, anyway), that the LPHQ has claimed another victim.

The first victim (or at least attempted) was Dr. Mary Ruwart, through the attempts of then-Executive-Director Shane Cory, candidates used-car salesman Wayne Root and certifiable nutcase Christine Smith, in an amateurish smear attempt. It didn't work, except for the fact it may have denied Dr. Ruwart the Presidential nomination. But Dr. Ruwart has had the last laugh. Cory is long-gone, deservedly so, Smith had a tantrum on C-SPAN and left the LP in a huff, presumably taking her 6 votes with her, and Root didn't get the Presidential nomination either, and only got the VP nod after selling out to Barr (and presumably selling a few used cars along the way). Dr. Ruwart wound up on the LNC, where I hear she is letting her harder side out to play and take no shit from anyone (HUZZAH!).

The second victim was Chuck Moulton, ousted as LNC Vice-Chair, even though he knew how to run a meeting and the chair, Billy Redpath (so named because of the red shift in the path of the LP that he's helped engineer!) couldn't run a meeting of paper dolls. Chuck had to go in their view, not because he was a radical, but because he wasn't one of "them." Replacing him is former Presidential candidate Steve Jingozian. I have no opinion on Jingo, and he gets the benefit of the doubt from here. Let's hope he is fair in his role and does a good job, and keeps the "libertarian" in the Libertarian Party.

Then there is the third victim. Unfortunately it is my good friend, political ally, and downright wonderful lady in the Anarchist Bitch. Even though she was re-elected by the delegates with the highest vote total (tied with Dr. Ruwart), apparently that mandate from the membership for her representation was lost on the Starr Chamber. Not on her, mind you, not at all. She did exactly what a beautiful, pissed-off, liberated, radical anarchist would and should do: she did her JOB. She started asking a LOT of awkward questions and spreading a LOT of sunshine on the inner workings and dysfuctionalities of the LNC. She respected those that respected her, and to those who didn't, she gave that quarter back as well, with a couple of nickels to boot. The response was to call her a "brat", threaten her, and demand her resignation. She responded in a self-deprecating manner and made utter fun of them on her blog.

But for now, that is at an end. It appears, unfortunately, that the powers-that-be don't like her serving the membership (meaning, people like ME!) very much, meaning that they don't seem to like the membership very much either. I don't think she has resigned, at least I hope not.

Here's hoping that there is a purge in the LNC, but it is the Starr Chamber that gets the gate. We got them out of the LPCA before it was too late, and the Takenaga-group is doing its best to clean up that mess and actually move forward. I am proud to be part of that effort. Hopefully they will be gone from the LNC before the LP goes under.

And no, you won't expect to see the Mudslinger anywhere near the LNC. I still have all my hair and would like to keep from tearing it out. I have plenty to do with the LPCA. Plus, my blowtorch and bulldozer are both in the shop.


Gene Trosper said...

Is "tryanny" a new word? hehehehe

As for the pragmatist versus radical debates, well, I like to stay above that. It's a mostly meaningless waste of time. Perhaps it would mean something if the LP were in a position to actually do some good, but it largely serves as a means for each side to remain distracted from doing work for liberty and instead try to prove how badass they are in a VERY small and incompetent organization.

Honestly, I think the majority of both sides are poseurs. All they have proven is that they kick ass in platform and bylaws debates. They are political amatuers with the public and media laughing at them for their childish incompetence in actual nuts & bolts campaigning. They don't know how to win elections, but boy, they sure know how to fuck them up!

Excuse the cynicism. The self-destructive nature of Libertarians has come in full bloom ever since the Denver convention and it's very, very depressing. I want to DO something within the party very badly, but I can't do it with groups of people that act all EMO. I'm not going to waste my time again and do everything myself. Been there, done that. Nevermore.

The Mudslinger said...

Whoops! Typo fixed.

Gene, the LNC is a mess. At least we were able in Denver to derail them from directly interfering with counties. Keep it local or state level and we'll both be fine.

But I agree with you, and so does the Anarchist Bitch--they are amateur hour on elections.