Saturday, June 14, 2008

More hijnks from the Starr Chamber

Hat tip to Keaton for this one. They never seem to learn, do they???

Is this another attempt to limit attendance by cost and travel limitations for the next round of elections and more platform controversy? Or is this just another example of utter stupidity in action?

Can the LPHI even put a national convention together? (No slight to LPHI, but it's no easy feat, even at the state level, and I've been there and done that!)

What about the lack of media coverage and expense to go all the way out there, and the time zone differences (as any east coast college football fan can attest to!)? Might as well hold the thing on Guam...

Is the Starr Chamber so fucking stupid that they think that they can interfere with the Convention Committee's work and get away with it?

Angela, all our thanks for bringing sunshine onto the LNC. It is needed.

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ladygaura said...

I spoke to the sole delegate to Denver from the State of Hawai'i. He would not have been there had other business not enabled him to be in Denver.

I recognize attendance will be lower from regions where travel will be expensive. However it does not feel like there is a great upswell of Liberty out there.