Friday, September 19, 2008

Government bails out Wall Street, screws Main Street

This morning the crime cabal that runs DC announced more credit and bailouts for Wall Street at the expense and ongoing turmoil of Main Street. Never mind that A) they don't deserve it, and B) we do. Here is the correct, accurate, prophetic, and definitive rebuttal by Dr. Ron Paul, a man who has forgotten more about economics than those other yahoos have ever learned. Dr. Paul gets it. Bush, Chris Cox, Ben Malarkey, and Pat Paulsen don't.

This is stopping the bleeding by adding more blood and no bandages.

This is going to get worse.

Meanwhile we get the bill, the execs get millions to walk away, and all our wallets get emptied and asses sore from the screwjobs.

Best advice: pay off your debts, stop using credit cards (but don't close the accounts), conserve your monetary resources, NEVER do ARMs, get out of the stock market and into non-oil commodities, and cut back expenses.

Let the failures fail, but don't become one of them.

One of these days they'll learn that the way to solve a credit crisis is to create assets and debits to eliminate the credit problem by creating jobs that actually create income and products...

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