Sunday, September 07, 2008

LNC Insanity

Well, today and yesterday the Libertarian National Committee held their only general campaign season meeting in Washington D.C. You'd think that for them, the focus would be on the election, right?

WRONG! That's something the kindergarten-level major political parties do, not the advanced intellects of the LP!

Instead they spent the better part of two days trying to remove LNC at-large and second-highest vote-getter (and close friend) Angela Keaton from the LNC, and when that didn't work, they ejected our heroine from the room and then asked her to resign. Never mind that those actions violate the Bylaws and the membership is outraged beyond most words.

Yup, they went on a fishing expedition, and got waxed by the great equalizers, publicity and allies.

Her crimes:
1. Blogging the meeting to the membership.
2. Calling two staff members "sexy" in that blog, which those staff members found flattering and not offensive.

Some links to detail this mess:

The chief perpetrator for this would be former LPCA Chair and current LPUS Treasurer, Aaron Starr.

He looks like a familiar moron we all know, doesn't he?:

He acts like it, too...

Other members of the Starr Chamber include Chair Bill "Where's My Gavel?" Redpath, M "What's my First Name?" Carling, Bill "Conan the Meeting Tape Destroyer" Sullentrop, and Dan "I'm pissed at everyone" Karlan, and "Shut Up" Stewart Flood.

Keep in mind that the cabal doing this idiocy is not a majority, and in fact they don't have the 2/3 needed to do anything, and it drives them NUTS! Angela has many allies on the LNC and even more outside it.

LNC next meets Dec 6-7 in San Diego. This one is gonna be a small riot. Expect torches, pitchforks, tar and feathers, and a rail or two. The current actions of the Starr Chamber in the LNC are unacceptable, and membership is PISSED!

UPDATE 9/20: The resolution was actually done by mail, and the deadline passed with no vote, so it died. The result is that Angela remains on the LNC, and she has said that she will not apologize, either. Next up for the Starr Chamber is rumored to be more shenanigans, this time going after longtime Libertarian and top-vote-getter Dr. Mary Ruwart. To be continued...

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