Tuesday, September 30, 2008

McCain's Slow Death Spiral

The Straight Talk Express, as much as a misnomer that can ever be in what is shaping up to be the worst Presidential election since, well, 2004, ran off the road and into the election ditch over this Ripoff and Rape America Bill.

(UPDATE: It appears that Hairball Reid & Co. are going to attach it to a current Senate bill to force a vote to put pressure back on the House to reconsider and pass it. in what can best be described as a backdoor maneuver to push through a bill that nobody except Wall Street wants, meaning that once again, the Beltway and Wall Street seem to trump real Americans and Main Street--those fucking bastards!)

Back the adventures of Panama John and his sidekick The Putbullied Pig with Lipstick.

McCain announced last week that he was suspending his campaign to come home to his masters in DC to work out the Ripoff and Rape America Bill. He challenged Obama to do the same, in a move that put Obama on the spot. If Obama met the challenge, then McCain could try to paint him as being easily manipulated and not strong. If Obama didn't, then McCain could paint him as not caring about the economy. Obama called the bluff and not only came back to DC but played an active role in the bill negotiations--far more than McCain even did. Insider reports are that Obama literally rolled up his sleeves and got to work, while McCain was in the room and mostly silent and doing nothing--most likely because the Man Who Doesn't Know Much About the Economy (PPT, anyone? Anyone? Bueller?) was in over his head. So much for trying to make Obama look easily manipulated, and McCain came out of it looking out of his league (which is accurate for both him and most of DC not named Ron Paul!).

In the middle of this was scheduled the first debate, in Mississippi, which McSame said he would not attend if no deal had been reached. Come debate time there still was no deal, but McCain went anyway, showing him to be a liar, and the irritable McCain promptly got smoked by a calm, cool, and collected Obama. Back to DC we go.

Once a compromise was reached, McCain, having done little but sit there and resemble a potted plant, left town and quickly moved to claim credit for the compromise and promised to rally the GOP troops to the cause. Famous last words. At the same time he blasted Obama in an obvious lie, claiming that Obama was doing exactly what McCain was doing, which was "phoning in" his efforts for the EERA bill, because McCain was actually doing it by phone from his Ohio campaign headquarters--so much for the campaign suspension, and that was quickly pointed out by the Obama campaign.

Then came the vote, and of course, as we know, it thankfully tanked. GOP leadership was quick to blame a speech made by Speaker Pelosi for the defeat, but the CREDIT for the defeat lies with real America and Main Street, who flooded emails and broke fax machines strongly reminding their Congresscreatures that we were following things, we were PISSED, and oh, yeah, there's an election in 5 weeks. 538.com has reported that of the 38 incumbents facing tight races, 30 of them (80%) saw the writing on the wall and voted no, purely ot save their own political bacon. Of those whose races were in the notoriously gerrymandered "secure" districts (which are unconstitutional per U.S. Term Limits v. Thorton, BTW) voted 197-198. Notable in the situation was that McCain was unable to rally his GOP mates in the whoreHouse to vote for the Rape, showing that he actually has no control over his own party and is unable to lead even that, let alone the nation. He couldn't even get his own AZ delegation to vote for it! In contrast, Obama sat back and let Pelosi and Co. do the heavy lifting and failing.

The bad news, and neither one of these SeNUTors get a pass on it, is what is planned for the SeNUT this week (see above).

Meanwhile, up in New York, NBC had Katie Couric interview Governor Hockey Mom. The disastrous interview itself, as well as the corresponding parody from Saturday Night Live, is now up in its gory details on YouTube--watch it with a barf bag nearby becasue you'll need it, and the SNL version was much better. The National Enquirer has now broken the story that The Homecoming Queen's Got a Gun was also having an affair with her husband's business partner, presumably while he was off on his snowmobile (a snow machine *makes* snow, Palin, you moron!) in the oil fields looking for moose for her to shoot (or put lipstick on) from a heliocopter. Troopergate just won't go away, either, and her tenure in Wasilla is coming out more as well, and it isn't good.

Her troubles aren't over either, as she is scheduled for the VP debate with Biden in two days and she will finally have the chance to make herself look even worse in front of a national TV audience, with no edits or do-overs. maybe she just ought to send Tina Fey in her place...

So, in summary, everything Panama John touched this week turned to manure. King Midas he isn't--more like King anti-Midas. His Dominatrix Librarian stuck her hockey-skate-laden foot in her mouth so much that the red on her lips isn't lipstick but cuts from the skate, and it's only going to get worse on Thursday.

He lied about his campaign at least twice, about Obama's actions, took premature credit for a failed bill, failed to lead his party, and got whacked in the first debate.

She ran into parody, bad interviews, affair rumors, more past foibles, and still has to face off with Biden in a can't-win situation.

The net result? The Straight Talk Express, complete with its Dual Airbags, is in the ditch, and there is no bailout in sight. Obama comes out of it looking good, for now, mainly because he didn't screw up.

Ron Paul was right on this mess, but I don't think even he could have predicted the sideshow of bad comedy and even worse political missteps that have happened here. The GOP is now beginning to regret shunniing him. That sentiment will get even worse over the next 5 weeks.

And the biggest winner of all? Bill Clinton. See, it really IS the economy, stupid!

BTW, here's McCain's latest truth slip:

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